Good at first, nice to look at and listen to but once you figure out the pattern to win, very easy.

User Rating: 7.4 | Monopoly Tycoon PC
I enjoyed the graphics the most. It's been a while since I played (I bought & played it when it first came out). But I remember really liking the way the game looked especially the night to day and the dispersion of sim-citizens off to school or work then shopping, then nightlife. It made it feel like a real city. The sound and music was nice. I enjoyed the music but it did become repetitive after a point. The game was short but in a sense that was good because no matter what the scenario or who your AI competition was you could pretty much use the same strategy and win. I finished the game and was satisfied; but since the "harder" levels did not offer any new scenarios but pretty much just reduced the amount of money you started out with (like SIMCITY) I did not feel compelled to replay through the silver and gold levels. Bottom line, It was fun while it lasted but once I played through and beat it had no replay incentive for me.