Half-Monopoly, half-tycoon business game, (hence the name) Monopoly Tycoon is a well put-together title to be sure.

User Rating: 8.8 | Monopoly Tycoon PC
Just for the record, this game is NOT Monopoly. It may use every single antic from Monopoly you can think of, from the characters to Chance cards to properties to utilities, but the game manages to implement all of the stuff that is Monopoly without putting a lick of the board game in it. The only real gameplay-affecting concept taken from the Parker Brothers title is the benefits of taking all the properties of a single color over, but even THAT is questionable. This is not a bad thing. It is an excellent business strategy game and one of the only to date that I have felt satisfied with the competitive feel of the game. Gameplay rarely gets dull as you always must be on alert for price changes, new fads, and absence of old fads (it'll sneak up on you very quickly) whilst attempting to outdo your opponents. The AI is sometimes quirky, but overall is pretty smart and sometimes a bit underhanded (they switch their prices all the time and they do it with respectable efficiency). The graphics, despite being a bit plain, are smooth as silk and the 3D controls and interface are very well engineered. The music is very fitting for each time period (In the 1950s, a saxophone soloist plays a slow jazz tune which is very well done might I add) and each track is only repeated 2 or 3 times at most before changing to the next time period. The gameplay is well varied between the modes and few extra scenarios could have been asked for. The biggest thing that frustrates me about this game (it is not even too much of a fault) is the speed at the very beginning. It moves too quickly to get your businesses running on the first day and you consequently miss a day of sales. This game is ideal for fans of: -Rollercoaster Tycoon -SimCity (any pretty much) -Indirect combat games Ideal gameplay circumstances: -Having only one or two hours to burn -Dusk (5 to 8 PM) -Don't want to get frustrated -Already are frustrated