Money, money, money!

User Rating: 8 | Monopoly Streets PS3
I collect Monopoly boards, and while not possessing much skill at winning the game (it IS largely based on chance) I do like to get through the various different themes out there. I tend to cheat too, mainly by making-up 'rules' and nicking from the bank when no one is looking (I always had three $500 bills!). Cheating, however, is not an option in this video game from Electronic Arts, so you've got to play legit.

It's a BRILLIANT spin on the Monopoly design, with some new gameplay dynamics to really make it go fast. The boards available are colorful and pretty, and the music is frequently quite pleasant too. I just wish that the characters weren't so annoying. The game comes with 41 trophies, and you'll need to play online for a bit to get the Platinum, but this is where I think the game can achieve some real longevity. After a while, online play becomes impossible for games if they are not constantly updated. But with so many franchises licensed for Monopoly boards out there (the Simpsons, Garfield, Star Trek) it would make for some wonderful downloadable content.

Don't listen to the bad reviews, this is well worth the money, and might even have gotten a higher rating, possibly even better than the real thing, if it were not for those deeply annoying characters.

Graphics B+
Sound B+
Gameplay A
Lasting Appeal B