You can play it again and again and not get bored!!!!!

User Rating: 10 | Monopoly Streets PS3
I gotta say, at first when I heard about this game I thought it was gonna be so stupid and pointless. I went to every rental place to see if they had this in cause I really didn't wanna buy it blinded and find out it was crappy and boring. Well, no rental place had it, so, I decided to let my curiosity win. Ok, I was only in turn 4 and I was already amazed on how this game looked and played!! I love how they made it into a 3-D World and used characters that differently used the tokens instead of using just the tokens!! The best part of the game is I'd have to say the ONLINE game feature where you can play against people around the world. ANother great option is the Monopoly Store, you can use your monopoly money that you win during the game and buy xtra tokens or even new designed boards, and you can also buy 2 3-D boards as well, half of the items are bought through the PSN Store....... Well, I give this game a 10++ and if you are into fun and exciting board games, I really suggest you pick up Monopoly Streets!!!