User Rating: 5.5 | Monopoly Streets X360
Don't get me wrong its a fun game if you play Monopoly...But the few things that make this game bad is when the host initiates the game and rage quits because he's losing. Which subsequently ends the game for everyone. You can see people abuse this system on the leaderboards with 67 wins - 0 losses since they just end the game with no winner. The other aspect is that you always have to press the B-Button because Mr. Moneybags always has something stupid to say. Now you can get through a game pretty quickly ASSUMING everyone presses B. Not everyone does. This can drag games extensively and there is no possible way to boot the player that does so. Either way if you're a Monopoly fan like myself and can deal with these defects the game is for you since this is the only Monopoly game on 360 you can play online.