User Rating: 5.5 | Monopoly WII should buy real monopoly!It's a whole lot better! But don't get me wrong, SOMETIMES it can be fun with your friends but really I recomend the real monopoly.Also on the back it says "play in 30 minutes or less!" Isn't that bad??Don't you want a game to last?! not go by really fast!? Well that's just my opinion but I have played monopoly a bit though.....So fun at a party but still lacking.I mean you could just get the real monopoly out of your closet,It still a lot better than this!And it seams that they added all this extra stuff to make it fun like "New Minigames!" AND "Unlock new boards as you play!" Also it's sorta easy...TOO EASY!So this game has a lot of problems
Too easy
Not as good as the real thing
Extra stuff that turned out BAD Like "mini-games"!
P.S "Santa" got me and my brothers this for christmas!And in the store my mom said we should buy it, was NOT worth it!