Everyone thinks this is TF2...THINK AGAIN!

User Rating: 8.5 | Monday Night Combat X360
Monday Night Combat is a tower defense game in sense. You have waves of bots that come after your Moneyball (The lifeline of the game) and if it gets destroyed the game is over so you have to defend against enemy's by killing bots and building turrets.

They're 4 different turrets to choose from and each one upgrades 3 times making it stronger. There is a long-range(for far distances) Aura turrent (slows down enemies) rocket turret (high damage) and a laser turret (low damage).

In addition there are 6 different classes to choose from. Assassin (close range) Sniper (long range) Assault (balanced) Gunner (Heavy weapon offense) Tank (Heavy weapon defense) Support (Medic). Each class has 3 different unique abilities which you can upgrade 3 times also making you stronger and it all depends on how you want to play.

There is single player which you play by yourself against waves of enemies. There are different modes to make the difficulty harder from Easy-Insane. Then there is 3 player Blitz which is pretty much the single player aspects with 4 other friends. There is also Crossfire which is 6v6 with bots coming from both sides and its just a way bigger map.

At the end of the game you are awarded with money and lvl ups. You can spend the money on making custom classes or buying tags for you player.

The game also comes with 2 avatar awards. For completing the first Exhibition you get a Male/Female MNC shirt and for completing the tutorial you get the Mascots mask.

I have only spent a few hours playing the game but I can tell it has a lot of replay in it and can keep you busy for hours.