ehhhh... it could have been better. but its not

User Rating: 1 | Mojo! PS2
Despite a cheap price this game is not worth it. You are a ball of energy or "MOJO" you have to knock out blocks the same color as you, that's it. I bought it when I was about 6 years old and it was fun for ten minutes. Now that I am older and more mature I think that it will last an even shorter time. I tried trading in at a game store but they said the most I could get was 30 cents. It apperently has a reputation for being a repititave boring puzzle game all jammed into a disk. The graphics are ok for a 2003 game but still. The controls are good-ish you use the left thunb stick only. That could be a reason that it is so boring. Don't be the guy who goes, "Hey a fifteen dollar game. I'll try it." you will regret it. Don't buy this game for any price i repeat ANY PRICE. It is an absoulute piece of garbage that is good for a rent and a laugh thats it DO NOT BUY.