A Marble-madness type of game for the PS2, old-school gamers would appreciate.

User Rating: 7 | Mojo! PS2
If you've ever played the classic game "Marble Madness" on the older systems like the Nintendo NES and you enjoyed it, then you'd enjoy this. This game is basically maneuvering a ball around different obstacles and collecting different colored blocks to clear the stage.

In order to collect the block, your ball needs to be the same color as that block, to change the color of your Ball your have special spots to go to which will transform it, and those special Spots are behind barriers of different colored blocks... so to sum it all up... The game is part maneuvering, part puzzle. You're maneuvering your ball around sharp turns, up and down ramps without falling off, past magnetic spots trying to suck you in, up and down hills, etc all while getting the the stage cleared. After you eliminate all colored blocks on a stage, you advance to a harder one, there are 100 stages in all.

It's something an old-school gamer would enjoy. The graphics are eh, you can tell this was a low-production title, I personally found it in a bargain bin for less than 5 bucks, it's not worth more than that. The music is a little annoying but you can turn it down. The sounds are decent. But the main reason you're getting a game is gameplay, and although this is far from ground-breaking or something a younger gamer probably would lose interest in... if you enjoy using your Mind, solving puzzles, and old-school 8-bit games like Marble Madness, you will definitely enjoy this - It does grow on you and can become quite addictive!