Be prepared to throw your controller against the wall...

User Rating: 2 | Mojo! PS2
I could go into lengthy introductions, but after my experience with Mojo!, my patience has already been worn pretty thin, and trying to find a great way to bring players into the review just isn’t in the cards. That being said, let’s jump right in, shall we?

It’s safe to say that I’ve played my fair share of games. That being said, I can easily state that Mojo! is one of the most frustrating titles I have ever come across. With a premise so simple on paper (destroy colored blocks by ramming a color-changing ball into blocks of the same color), Mojo! has all the makings of an addictive puzzler, akin to those in the Super Monkey Ball franchise, but along the way, Mojo! really drops the ball (pun intended).

One of the biggest drawbacks, apart from the game’s wholly repetitive nature, is the difficulty level. While the first world is pretty easy, with plenty of time and only a few blocks to destroy, in the levels beyond, the difficulty level shoots up to darn near genius complexity (magnets suck you in, no walls to stop you from falling off of the board, shorter time frames, even larger amounts of blocks to destroy, and I could go on). Combine the difficulty with a camera that leaves much to be desired and you have one very irritating piece of “entertainment software.”

After finishing the first cycle of levels, completing any stage in the amount of time required is almost impossible. Yes, you can move on if you don't complete the level in the optimum time, but you won't get any bonuses (extra time, etc.), and without bonuses, the game is even harder (see where I'm going with this?). It’s a vicious cycle that makes the title practically unplayable.

The sound is mundane; the controls are fine but only a few buttons are used… Think of a bad aspect of most any puzzle game and it’ll probably fit here. The graphics could have been the game’s one saving grace, with bright and fun colors alongside adequately detailed environments, but with a gameplay system so frustrating, you won’t have time to notice them.

Trust me, do not play this game. No matter how curious you are about it, do yourself a favor and stay away. Within five minutes you will be screaming at the TV and throwing things at your PS2, and let's be honest here - No game is worth the death of your PS2. Save your money for something else, and if you are that wired for some puzzle fun, get one we all know is fun instead, like Tetris. Ah yes… sweet, sweet Tetris.