Moero Chronicle Cheats For PlayStation Vita

  1. Trophies

    There are 25 Bronze Trophies, 13 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Rebuild a room in the inn. Before and after the reform
    Made one of the rooms in the inn the best rank. Best hospitality
    Made a 20 hit Aura-Attack combo. Best party
    Destroyed a costume part. Birthday suit!!
    Partnered with 10 monster girls. Can't leave the cute girls behind!
    Deepened love with all monster girls. Can't make up your mind
    Gave all monster girls their favorite present. Can't resist that smile
    Increased Intimacy with monster girls 50 times with Bumping Scratch. Can't stop the hand
    Partnered with a monster girl for the first time. Captured!
    Made all rooms in the inn the best rank. Craftsmanship
    Got all kinds of H monster in the H monster book. Different creatures exist
    Won a battle for the first time. Do your best! I got your back
    Watched the ending of the story. Even so, the world moves on
    Played the game for the first time. First experience!!
    Used the Egg System for the first time. Give birth to my ???!
    Increased Intimacy with monster girls 100 times with Bumping Scratch. Gold finger
    Explored many floors. Guide of Monstopia
    Obtained all Job Panties. Hunter of the holy fabrics of maidens
    Defeated 1000 monsters. I'm indebted to you girls
    Watched the true ending. It has to be this way after all!
    Partnered with all monster girls. King of the harem
    Made an H monster your pet. Make a pact with me
    Explored all floors. Monstopia is my backyard
    Made a 5 hit Aura-Attack combo. Party of close friends
    Proof of many great achievements. Person who won fame in the record of war
    Gave a present to a monster girl for the first time. Please accept it!
    Saved the 5th region. Saved the Gothgal Quartz Area!
    Saved the 4th region. Saved the Inner Beauty Garden!
    Saved the 1st region. Saved the Mushroom Forest!
    Saved the 3rd region. Saved the Nude Lady Ruin!
    Saved the 2nd region. Saved the Sticky Greasy Lake!
    Saved the 6th region. Saved the White Limit!
    Made a 10 hit Aura-Attack combo. Skilled party
    Defeated 100 monsters. Thank you girls
    Used "Release" for the first time. There must be something I can do!
    Created an item for room renovation with the Egg System. Things you gave me
    Reached maximum Intimacy with the monster girls for the first time. This is another ending
    Obtained a Job Pantie for the time. This is the so-called pantie!?
    Increased Intimacy with monster girls 10 times with Bumping Scratch. What is this sensation...!?
    Obtained 10 unique items. What's yours is mine
    Got 50 kinds of H monster in the H monster book. Wonder of Monstopia
    Defeated 10000 monsters. You girls are the best!!

    Contributed by: Guard Master