Super intense gameplay, by far the best fps multiplayer for smartphones!

User Rating: 9.5 | Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour AND
This game has everything you can ask for - intense battles, stunning graphics and a great mulyiplayer mode! I have been playing this games for hours since i got it, and as a former MC3 player this was a more than pleasent upgrade!
I had to play a couple of hours just to get the right feel for the buttons and such, until i finally had everything placed where i felt comfortable!
I didn't managed to connect a ps3 contoller as i hoped to do, but i really would like to suggest you to try that, if you are able to! (Think you need to root the device)
Due to the high graphics, there will sometimes be parts of the singleplayer that is a bit laggy, even on high-end phones as the SGS3, but thats the only thing that ever bothered me, and even then i was able to play through the singleplayer without to much problem! The multiplayer on the other hand runs like liquid, and as long as the internet connection works, there's almost no problems!
I really like how you have to costumize your gear in so many ways, and that was something i never expected from a game to smartphones!

Even though this game has some flaws in the singleplayer mode, the multiplayer mode is by far the best i have seen on a smartphone, and because this is a game more or less intended for multiplayer, i'm willing to give this game 9,5! You can't beat this game!