Bye, Bye Call of Duty!!! o/

User Rating: 10 | Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour AND
Keep in mind that this is a smart phone/tablet game which is the reason to say like mostly everybody that the graphics of this game are impressive for the CPU/GPU power of these devices. Once you played the game you can notice that the tesallation of this game is similar or better to a black XBOX but textures, lighting, bloom, particles I mean everything related to shadders is what you can find in advanced opengl games.

For 99 cents you get way better campaign than CoD or BF series in your pocket and depending on your device you get also great multiplayer. I have it installed on a HTC 3D evo and Archos G9 80 which performs very good. Obviously I like it better in my tablet but with 9 inches of screen you most likely will need to make adjustments to your HUD.

I will eventually hook my tablet to one of my monitors of TVs because this game is really worthy. Also sound is in may ways better modern pc shooters. People argue about this game being a copy of COD but regardless is a very well design game. I also hope that bluestacks will get stable enough to have this game running on my PC and see if I can get any performance improvement. Althought that could not happen since most of Android Apps runs based on Java visualization rather than hardware specific.

I really do not know what is going to happen with Microsoft or game developers like Infinityward when Android (which is Linux after all) gets to the PC fully integrated.. Either they get into a different business/model or

Bye, bye to both.