What you hope is implemented in modern combat 4: Zero Hour

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This is just a topic to discus what you hope is put into modern combat 4 my list includes 1 controllable killstreaks: pretty much speaks for itself, being able to choose where your airstrike hits, being able to shoot your choppers mini gun ect... 2 Larger maps: the maps in mc3 were decent but larger maps is always appreciated, which also leads into being able to use vehicles, 3 Using vehicles: this maybe shouldn't be put in all maps but since they did in nova 3 its possible for it to be in modern combat , possibly a turret placed around a map 4 just more guns and attachments 5 NO HACKERS! please gameloft if there is one thing that you HAVE to do is fix the problem with hackers 6 a jump button: just makes it so can get get around the map better and get into cool spots, simply makes the game a bit more custom to the player 7 voice chat: since its been added to nova 3 it should be quite simple to put it into mc4 well thats all i have post any ideas you guys have for things you want in mc4
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Hi, guys! In the next version of modern combat 4 zero hour is I would like to see more missions since there only 12 missions in the current version of modern combat 4 zero hour. Thanks! Cheers, Vincent