Its not the best game but I would not all it the worst but there is a few problems with it.

User Rating: 8.5 | Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire PS3
Ok I liked the story and the game play but it was a little to easy I beat it in 2 hours (you have to play it from easy to very hard) besides that I think the sound could be a little better. but other than that I think it is fun to play because you have so many mobile suits to choose from such as the Ez8 and others . I it is not the worst and if you want the better version get mobile suit gundam target in sight it is the same game but the Japanese one its better it is pretty much the same game with better details and sound . Ok but back to crossfire a great thing about it is you can get many different pilots which is cool I grew up with the 08th ms team so thats my favorite and I like that you can get all of the ms and pilots from the show. A lot of people have been dissin this game saying that the japs have slipped its the cultural differences that mess it up and dont forget that they made the playstation's.