.... horrible...

User Rating: 2 | Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire PS3
This is by far the worst gundam game i've played yet. The whole thing starts of with horrible voice acting then takes you off into horrible game play. I only gave this game a chance because I'm a big fan of the series, but to my surprise it was nothing like it. The tutorial starts and i'm already dead. The camera is horrible and always points in the wrong direction. And my gundam's guns have zero accuracy, but my opponents are the most skilled pilots i've seen. Not even my allies stand a chance. The audio is virtually crap, wait... it is crap. There isn't anything good coming from my t.v. while this game is on. But there always has to be positives, and here's this games: good gundam models. That's it, game play is hard to get used to and your gundam is the slowest robot i've ever seen. Even optimus prime leaves them in the dust. But i will admit the whole destruction thing is cool, when you take a certain amount of damage to a specific region of your mech you will loose that section. But this is also bad, because they made it so everything can be destroyed. If a sniper decides he wants to make you a gimp, he'll just shoot your leg. or if he wants you to be useless and not dead he'll just blow your arms off, basically after that you just watch all your team mates die. So if your a fan of gundam, do yourself a favor and stay away from this game. It could ruin gundam for you, as it almost did for me.