The worst gundam game i ever played.

User Rating: 5 | Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire PS3
Over many Gundam games I played. Gundam Crossfire is maybe the worst game ever made. The game has a great choice of Mobile Suits and weaponry. The controls in this game are terrible and hard to get the hang off. The movement of your Moblie Suit is a bit fast but its hard to move sideways. I can't even evade attacks. The aiming system of the moblie suit lacks accuracy. I almost can't damage the enemy. It is easier to lose in the game rather than winning. The sounds are not that bad though. This game is too challenging for any players.

The graphics on the mobile suits almost looks related to PS2. The background graphics are terrible. It is very hard to see where the enemy is positioned and other AIs just pop right out infront of you.

The fans of Gundam may like this game. but for me its very disappointing. People who are searching for a good robot fighting don't buy or even rent this one. Its a waste of money.

I rate this game 5 because of the effort they made in the game.