Absolutely the worst PS3 game made.

User Rating: 1.5 | Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire PS3
The title above says a lot about this game. Many people reading this will wonder just exactly why this game is the worst game ever made on the PS3( and will more than likely stay that way permanently) and I will tell you. I'm a fan of Gundam, over the years I have played just about all the PS2 Gundam titles out there. Quite a lot of them have been mediocre to bad, but this marks the first dreadful horrible Gundam title I have played.


To perfectly honest this game is runnable on the PS2. The Mobile Suits look good with some nice details, but the environments look terrible. There is milky white fog that covers a majority of fields. Things such as brush, trees, or other Mobile Suits just pop in at the last minute. Strangely as bad as the game looks, the framerate struggles constantly throughout the game. It does offer a install option, but it offers now advantages to game at all.


This title features the worst controls I have ever seen in a while. The previous installments on the PS2 had some clunky controls, but this title is cream of the crop in bad control. It wouldn't be so bad if the suit you control didn't walk or turn so awkwardly, which makes combat a disaster. In fact all the combat in the game is so bad, one can wonder what would happen if you actually could get through the entire game.

It doesn't help that the voice acting is god awful. At least the sound effects are decent.

Calling this game the worst ever on the PS3 just doesn't quite condone just how bad this title truly is. The copy I have carries a $9.99 price tag, which I didn't pay I got the game free at a buy two get one free sale at Gamestop. The game isn't worth $9.99 nor is worth it being free. Now all I have to do is to contemplate about just how to get rid of game, its only worth less than a dollar as a trade in. But moral of this review is, Gundam fans should stay far far away from uttter terrible piece of garbage.