Don't buy or rent this game!!

User Rating: 4 | Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire PS3
Here is my review for Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire:

The gameplay is like all gundam games: destroy all robots. For some reason, you have to destroy a bunch of robots of random sizes. The levels are hard and the guns are weak. Machine guns barely do any damage and the sword can only reach big enemies. To kill off tiny tanks, you need to use the guns. Controls are crummy for a gundam game and the missions are way too hard because you die too fast. 4/10

The enviroments are terrible. There's no life in the enviroments and everything looks really plain. The robot suits look nice but everything else doesn't look nice. Gunfires are standard and the sword is nothing special. The explosions look really ugly. Overall, the graphics department did a horrible job. 4/10

The sounds are irritating because of the annoying sound effects. The voice acting is nothing special and explosions sound stupid. The gundam swords sounds like lightsabers which is a bad thing because those sounds get annoying. 4/10

I like gundams but I don't like this game. The game is not worth buying or renting. If you're a die-hard gundam fan, this might be a game you'll buy. 4/10

Overall, the whole game was a diaster. The only thing good about it were the looks of the mobile suits and the fact that you can kill robots. Everything else was bad. 4/10