A rewarding game, for those who have the patience for it.

User Rating: 7.7 | Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire PS3
before you start reading this review please note that I am not a “hardcore” gundam fan and this is the second gundam game I have bought.

First of all this game may not to live up to some peoples expectations but I still feel it is a great game. The ability to buy the mobile suits you want and the in-battle refuelling system adds a small sense of tactical thinking to the game. Also I must add that there are two solutions to the graphics problems some people have complained non stop about. 1- play the game on a HD connection an 2- install the additional data that is available from the main menu. The gamepaly is also not as fast as some people would want but it feels rewarding when you hear the crunching explosion of an enemy mobile suit. The specific damage feature is also a very nice touch as instead of immediately being blown up, your arm or leg may be lost instead. Overall this game is quite nice but has been put off buy quite a few people.