User Rating: 1.5 | Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire PS3
Attention world, Destroy this game. Destroy this game, please do it. There is no happyness in Gundam: Crossfire. Back at the Tokyo Game show, this looked cool. But, that was just the opening to the game. This opening would of been cool to turn into a game. But, no. There is no fun or happyness in this game. This game is just bad. The good thing in this game is that the mechs look nice, standing still. Also, thank god no one is making you play this game. In this, game, you follow the storyline that take place in the Gundam Universe. The story is just an excuse just an excuse for you to play a mission. The missions are basic. All you do is just shot everything. The graphics are not next-gen. The levels are basic. Your in either a bland dessert, or a bland Forest. THAT IS IT!! There are even Glitches. I warn you, if you jump in the water, it may make your eye's bleed. I don't know what's worse, That the water is like a sheet when you get in it., or that it may actually clip out.. There are also constate slow downs. The A.I is just pathetic as hell. The controls are horrable, and the Camera is just down right sloppy. The gameplay is just stupid. You just shot. That's it. You can lock on to enemies, and no matter what, you'll kill them. You can just us your light saber rip off weapon, but it's not that intressting. It's amazing that Crossfire plays this bad, and doesn't have any redeming things. If you have to destroy 1 game. It may not be this, but it may be. Just stay away from this game.