The Japs gave this game a near 10, the west gave it a near 1, reason - CONTROLS, All y'need is time & it's good

User Rating: 8 | Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire PS3
Controls, controls, controls, man they were a pain, made me regret buying the dan thing, until I... READ THE MANUAL. xP

Then I took it slow & killed them off, sure the first doin's a pain, but when you use the radar map in the pause menu, oh & YOUR BRAIN to figure out what type of enemy is attacking you, then you'll know better to flank them as opposed to rushing in head-on (especially with guntanks, oh those guntanks..).

After getting used to yhe controls (which wasn't as hard as you think) & comparing it with maybe a few other Gundam PS2 games with similar difficulties (Gundam Journey to Jaburo, complicated controls & weird foes to fight), I got that by using the ability to boost, target, snipe, jump & slash, defend (obviously) & offend (MORE OBVIOUSLY) it became understandable why the Japs liked this game to me, cause man, using realistic style fighting in mobile suits is fun when you're winning, BOOM, SLAH, *enemy* Ahhhh! If you hate this game, well then it's obvious that you have no patience or tactical thinking what so ever, but if you hate it for the mobile suits & their lack of abilties (like say kicking like Char Aznable or slashing wildly in Ramba Ral's Gouf) then you expect too much from a SIMULATION type game, I recommend something like Dynasty Warriors then, of DW Gundam or something, cause this game is good, if you used that brain of yours once in awhile you can out do any enemy in this game, afterall we were given the ability to think once in awhile for these reasons, why not use 'em?

All in all it was a good game, now I can kill any opponent easily & have passed it many times, though I wished it had a bit more displays of the MS true potential, Simulation or not it didn't exactly show what the MS here are truly capable of, it was a bit too straight forward with only cutting & shooting as the only options, but hey, whaddya gonna do.

The graphics were of expected quality, though it wouldn't hurt to give some life to the control panel, military is the military but bland is bland, if you think war is depressing then the colours & feel that this game gives to you after awhile might make you agree on that, otherwise you'd be too busy trying to fight off that enemy that keeps taking your arm away or something.
On an added note to that, there isn't really enough sunshine, or attractive colours, if we were gonna have an abandoned city to play in, can't it be one with a lake or industrial plant nearby, or maybe some shiny surface reflecting a highway we could jump onto & off to kill the enemy from above... Maybe that's asking too much, but still, Gundam Simulation games should atleast have something around this, rather than a small town out in the sand.

The game itself is quite limited, after finishing everything all you can do is the samething over & over again, killing the same eneimes in the same location with your superior skills, I mean online would be fun, or maybe gaining medals for that little up thereness, but other than doing story missions on & on again, upgrading & purchasing mobile suits & upping your stats, there really isn't much else... Shame really, though the story mode playing style is fun, it wouldn't hurt to add in a free mission mode where you wouldn't have to do everything to do favourite mission again in the next play through.

Sound was descent, not bad, not the greatest, realistic with music sounding like war would, not mush else to say rather than lack of variety in the radio chatter, but still nothing to really complain about, just very satisfactory.

Well I'd be redundant if I said anymore so I'll end it here, all in all, this game was underrated by you westerners, though being a westerner myself, I can't say that with all my hear, still, atleast have a bit more of a go at it next time shall we, Blu-ray discs ain't cheap y'know!

Well that it, laterz
Axd B)