Not worth even $10..

User Rating: 1 | Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire PS3
Just to re-iterate what cloud_strife15 said in his pretty accurate post, any Gundam fans should steer way clear of this abomination otherwise it could ruin the whole aspect of the anime/manga for you.

Like many others, I saw this in the used section and though, wow Gundam game for $10...can't be that bad can it? After all...its Gundam, and remembering the fun times on the old DC version I decided to get it...big mistake.

The game itself, seems rushed as to be honest I can't say anything positive about it at all. The controls are perhaps the biggest problem with the game, simply put they are terrible and feel completely untested, moving the mechs around feels like a choir in itself, locking onto targets seems like 50/50 chance as half the time it doesn't work, where as the enemy mechs even on the easiest difficulty setting can target you and your subsystems with pixel perfect accuracy quite often killing you with ease, lets not even talk about the crappy camera controls.

The other major problem is the games lack of Tutorial, sure the opening mission they consider it a 'tutorial' but honestly, its the weakest introduction to any game that I've ever seen, basically move to X position...kill enemy mechs then flee back to the start before you get toasted, the lack of information given is terrible, you fumble around the control system before you get the basic idea but even once you start figure it out, you start to progress into more and more complex and terribly unforgiving frustrating missions where you'll die over and over before you figure out where the enemy is and slowly formulate attack strategies, but ultimately it'll be pointless since most players will just quit and move onto a much better game.

As I see this game, its in a broken class of itself ~ Its broken, disastrous and a disappointment. Check your bargain bin?? Maybe if you love punishment, and this game will definitely punish you.

Looking for a mech game? Front Mission Evolved is a good choice to start with...Gundam: Crossfire? Noooooo!