Could have been so good!

User Rating: 4 | Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire PS3
I bought Gundam: Target In Sight with the thought that this game could be awesome giant mobile suit charging round blowing everything in sight up with large maps and great views!

Was I wrong the whole game has been rushed the the maps are generally dull and not very big the movement is sluggish and the great big explosion i was expecting from giant robots does not get a look in!

The worst thing about the game is when your playing it you can see that there is great potential here if the developers had but an ounce of passion in it, this is happening all to often, but who knows one day they'll stop rushing the development and concentrate and the game and add tha ounce of passion that is needed to turn a ruined with potential in a awesome classic!

So should you buy this game yes but only if you want to see what it could have been, as i'm not a hardcore gamer but I can see the lack of love place upon this!