Let me start off with saying that this review is just my opinion and that I am a Gundam fan.

User Rating: 7 | Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire PS3
Gameplay: The hit detection is off sometimes but for the most part is fine. The MS move like 50 ton robots should AKA slow. Now it isn't completely realistic(MS are too durable) but more than others. There is some slowdown but only during 1 or 2 missions for me and isn't that bad. The controls are fine IMO. Now the AI is horrible. Not as bad as Killzone or Haze but still bad. Like in KillZone and Haze they stop moving and attacking you but it happens much more in those two. VS mode also seems like the fight is dependent on what MS you use instead of how good you are which is the exact opposite of not only the single player but most Gundam shows as well.

Sound: The best sounds come from the MS moving, the Japanese voices, and the music but the music doesn't fit in a OYW game. Beams sound weak and nothing like what they sound like in OYW Gundam shows. Machine guns sound like infantry guns and sound weak. The english voices are also terrible.

Replayability: For me this is low as I had unlocked almost everything on my first play through. This varies depending on how good you do in missions and how many missions you beat.

Graphics: The MS, tanks, fighters, and other military vehicles look really good. The environment looks fine. Not the best I've seen but not the worst either it looks worst up close. Overall: I think it is better than some older Gundam games but not the best.