Gundam Crossfire isn't all that bad, but it needs a few other things.

User Rating: 9 | Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire PS3
I really did't care about what this game got for a rating, I bought it anyway. I'm a real fan of the Gundam thing. (except SD Gundam) The framework is a bit choppy, but this game isn't as bad as people say. Yes the game gets frustrating at times, graphics (in my opinion) are unbeatable! The mobile suits look very real, and the gameplay seems like your running a real mobile suit. Of corse I don't like the whole "if you get shot here you take this much damage" but it adds to the realism. I especially liked the removal of the MS' limbs. I've been waiting for that. It's cool because when you lose a limb you lose the use of it till the end of the mission. But the cool thing is that when you customize your MS you can make it look really cool with a Jungle or Desert camo touch-up. But the framework could use a touch-up and the gameplay doesn't really even need a change. I only hoped that the game would've gotten better reviews.