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User Rating: 10 | MLB The Show 16 PS4

This is one of the top games that you can buy.

MLB The Show 16 carries the torch for the long-running Sony series, and continues to raise the bar in nearly every aspect. Building on the already-strong foundation of MLB 15: The Show, the overall aesthetics, franchise mode, road to the show mode, and especially Diamond Dynasty mode all received meaningful additions that make this year’s game better than it’s ever been.

When dealing with simulation games, the way real-life people and places look in the virtual world can make or break the level of immersion and believability. Here, the new lighting effects make a noticeable improvement in how the field itself and different materials on it look. For example, different types of metals are noticeably brighter, while the new matte helmets are more dull. It’s an attention to detail that stands out.