Improved just enough to keep it feeling fresh

User Rating: 9 | MLB The Show 16 PS4

I've been playing "The show" since 2006, and it seems like every year the game improves just enough to keep me playing for hours. Since I spend the majority of my time on the "Road to the show" feature, I was really impressed with the improved game play features, and attempts to speed the games up.

The most important aspect is the ability to play an entire series without having to exit to the menu screen. If you finish a game you are prompted to choose between exiting to the RTTS menu, or to play the next game. If you select to play the next game, you begin the pre-game cinematic sequences almost instantly (which you can skip through to make things even quicker). The result is the ability to play an entire series in an extremely short amount of time. Unfortunately once the series ends, you are prompted back to the RTTS menu again, but it's a nice change from the previous versions of the game.

They've also added the "Showtime" feature, where by holding down the R2 button you can slow down the play to help make a huge play, or to slow down a pitch to focus on where it's location. The ability is finite, so use it sparingly. I don't really use it too often, but I do use it in huge batting situations. The last time I used it, my AA team was down by 2 in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs. The result was a perfectly timed swing that went over the fence for a 3 run, walk-off jack. Extremely satisfying.