An excellent game anyone should pickup.

User Rating: 8.7 | MLB Slugfest 20-04 GC
MLB Slugfest is an excellent game that anyone should buy. It's fast paced, arcade style is easy for anyone to pickup and play. This game is so easy to play that a 6 year old I know picked it up and played homerun derby with ease. Anyone who has played Midway's Blitz or Hitz would be able to adapt right to this game. It's great for parties as you can have a homerun derby with 8 people or a tournament with 8 people. This game also has outrageous commentary as Jim Shorts and Tim Kitzrow return with commentary even better than 20-03's. (You have the option of listening to 2004, 2003 or both, so you don't have to miss out on 20-03's if you didn't have the game.) The only problem with this game is that diehard baseball fans may hate the game (because of its arcade style) and that the rosters are outdated even when this game was released. All-in-all I suggest you pickup this game and you can get now for only $12.99 used.

Pros: Fast paced, fun baseball. Great commentary. Many modes. 8 players can play. Very easy to pickup and play.

Cons: Diehard baseball fans might be turned off by the arcade style baseball. AI is pretty easy even on the hardest mode once you get good.