Hitting people is fun!!!

User Rating: 8.9 | MLB Slugfest 20-04 XBOX
The game is baseball with a teist. It is Slugfest 20-04. Slug fest 04 is a basic baseball game with a few mix like throwing strange pitches, or beating people up with flaming fists. The few twist in the gameplay of normal baseball make it fun and more people other than the baseball fans will like it. The graphics look real cool with fire around the players, the players faces, and the stadiums that give the game a good feel, but they could have done the crowd alittle better. The sound espically the commentary is funny and will make people laugh. the players screaming when being hit or even when they are being beat up makes the game fun and full of noise. Anyone who is looking for an aracade baseball game needs to look no further than MLB Slug Fest 20-04.