A discrace to baseball.

User Rating: 1 | MLB Slugfest 20-04 GC
MLB Slugfest 2004 is the worst baseball game i have ever played. I'm not saying this because i don't like baseball because its my favorite sport. The main part of the game is not baseball, it is to beat up your opponents. You turn on fire and when you charge the mound you don't get ejected. Its funny, but its not baseball.
At least in All star baseball and MVP baseball if you argue there is a chance you can get ejected from the game.

The graphics are terrible. They have messed up pretty much everyones face.

Another stupid thing is that you can be different animals like Eagles, horses, minators and evil clowns and ninjas. That is not baseball.

Also if you've ever played any of the slugfest games the announcers say random things. They don't talk about baseball. They can talk about from a bad hot dog to what they ate for dinner last night.

So if your a sport fan don't buy this game. There are plenty of other baseball games that are 100 times better than slugfests 03 and 04.