Great Game

User Rating: 8.3 | MLB Slugfest 20-04 XBOX
This game is a pretty good game.

The gameplay on this game is very different from most baseball games. This game is not real at all. If you have played any of the Blitz games, this is like that. It's 989 Sports is good at. Making games that hard core sports players can just play and have some fun.

The graphics are ok. 989 has had a lot of trouble in there graphics over the years and this one is just the same. While your playing this game you don't really worry about the graphics. You just play. These graphics arn't the worst 989 has done. I can say that.

The sounds are great. The commentaters are funny and never get old. The different sounds the bats make are amazing such as when you get the cheat for club bats. They sound a lot different.

Overall, this game is a pretty fun game. Its good to everfy once in a while to get a game that is just plain fun.