Reviews do not do this game any justice...Amazing game!

User Rating: 10 | MLB Front Office Manager X360
I am not a fanboy...just Joe Smoe from PA.

This game is a simulators dream....if you are someone who is not good at button mashing and controller functions this is THE GAME...just good old fashion coaching and watching the game unfold.

You can let the computer play out a game or make decisions with easy pick menus and see how the plays unfold.

all 30 teams can be controlled and every game on the schedule for all 30 can be played or coached, etc.....

It can be good for many years to come as you can edit all minor league players names and attributes and abilities to future draft picks and rookies in 2010 and beyond....( you just can't edit player names of the real major league players...but you can adjust their abilities hitting and pitching!!!!!

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THE CAREER MODE and GENERAL MANAGER can simply go to FANTASY mode and play a regular season!!!! AWESOME!!!! and either online or not to boot!!!

WOW is all I can not let people fool you if you are more into a sim and stats aspect of the game....the people who hare it want to control the players swings, pitching, etc....

i gave it a 10!!!!!...just perfect really. Picked it up new at best buy on clearance for 20 bucks!