This game is addictive, but only for people who are intelligent with the many salary rules and regulations of the MLB.

User Rating: 9.5 | MLB Front Office Manager X360
When you create your general manager, you can choose everything about him. From his name to his appearance to his background. The background is the most important part, as this will determine your characters skills. You can pick any team you want, and in my opinion it is more fun to take a team like the nationals or the pirates, and build them up from the ground up. By starting with a solid core of young players and prospects, you can create a championship dynasty for years to come. There is no satisfaction like seeing a player you carefully scouted and drafted 5 years ago make a big difference to your big league ball club. The only fault in this game that cost it .5 of a point to me was the hard to navigate interface. You have to spend alot of time when organizing your minor leagues for the Rule 5 draft, or even simply calling up a pitcher from AAA to fill out your rotation. Other than that, this is a must buy for the knowledgable baseball fan that is familiar with the rules and thinks they know how to build a dynasty.
Think you could build a solid team in the Major Leagues? This is your chance to try it. It is so realistic and there is nothing, except 3 team trades, that you can't do in this game that GM's can do in real life.