PS4 MLB The Show 14 Sim League (NSBL)

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Hello to all, i've been a member for years now at simulation sports network and enjoy every part of it on how fun it is to play with other sim players like me and how well organized it is, now I am also helping with recruiting the best sim players out there looking for an upcoming legit PS4 Sim league for MLB the Show.

The Sign ups sheet for our upcoming MLB online sim league(NSBL) on the site is not up yet.

If interested email me @

With the following information:


Groupme(free app to help communicate and schedule games with all league members) number or email:

Define Sim:

and i will also redirect you to our site

They only the accept the best SIM players to the league. We are not looking for the best players at the game, but the best players who play the game the way it is seen on TV without all the cheese that people do just to win. We like to keep it fair and fun for all members. Rules will be posted soon when we get closer to the launch of the game to insure the best sim expierence.

We offer the best realistic play(SIM) play, stats, stories, and more. However, this is also a mature league(18+) and we would like to keep it that way.

In addition to our league, we have mini tournaments on the side for a chance to win cash $100-500 and prizes with a free entry. You will get xp and points for every time you join a tourney and also win your games. In which you can later cash in for prizes. Hope to see you soon. Can't wait to get this league going and the baseball season to start!