In past years you could hit. The last 2 years they try to get cute with hiting and it makes the game suffer.

User Rating: 4 | MLB 12: The Show PS3
You shoulden't need 3 cups of coffey to hit a fast ball fare. They have the timing way Jacked up. I could hit major league pitching in real life better than this game. I batted 320. online in mlb10 online. This year I can't hit 150. Seriously, I could hit better in real life off these guys myself. They need to quit messing with the game and just add detail to the game. Maybe side games but no they want you to jump threw hoops. Forget kicking back with a beer and playing this game. It's more stressful than fun. I don't know how 2k12 could be worse than this. Im going to sell it quick. The graphics and stadium are fun to look at but I would rather have N64 graphics and the game to run right. Seriously you need to be Yoda in order to catch up to a fastball without cheating. It's a shame they couldent get it right. Why, Why. I find myself saying. Also I say, That was a hit 2 years ago why not now?