Your dream game if you love pitcher's duels. Be sure you own an extra controller, because you're sure to break one.

User Rating: 7 | MLB 12: The Show PS3
What to say? It's frustrating. So insanely frustrating. Here goes:

*Graphics - 6/10
The on-field / in-game graphics aren't anything to get excited about. The grass looks like a green mat from some N64 game. Where it meets the dirt there is an ugly "line". The field designs are pretty cool and accurate. The players look jaggy.

*Stadiums 10/10
This is the part that really shines. The stadiums are immaculate. Every detail is there.

*Pitching 9/10
Pitching is pretty rewarding. I just use the simple pick a pitch and push x to throw it there. Haven't tried the "Pulse Pitching" but it's apparently no good. The pitching gets a little wild but I think that's accurate. No one hits thier spots every time

*Hitting 3/10
THE BANE OF THIS GAME!!! Every game is a 1-0, 8 hit snoozer. A random home run will up the run total but it doesn't help much. Your contact will be "perfect", timing "perfect", and stride "perfect" yet you hit a weak ground ball. Sure, you shouldn't hit a homer every time but the constant ground outs / pop ups with good timing, stride and contact is frustrating. Pitches are so hard to distinguish there's 30+ combined strike-outs EVERY online game. Offline, the AI will never swing out of the zone.

All the other stuff is pretty run-of-the-mill.