A great part of past SHOW games 4me was the PITCHING METER & ONLINE PLAY. This PULSE PITCH garbage ruined this game.

User Rating: 7 | MLB 12: The Show PS3
I used to be a SHOW pheen. Every year for the last 3 years I've gotten this game and all the enhancements don't matter one lick because you can't change the default pitching controls in Online play. I'm stuck using that horrible PULSE garbage. I loved the pitching in previous versions of the Show. The meter was the perfect solution to realistic pitching. If u learned how to pitch slightly before or after the yellow line u could make your pitch slightly more left or right of your target. If u threw it earlier u could change speeds of ur fastball or changeup...Changing speeds and ultimate control was made possible with the METER. Now most pitches are at the same speed and even control pitchers are hard to control. I played online and threw 26 str8 foul ball pitches with C.C. pitching to adrian BELTRE...YEAH RIGHT!!!!!! The game forces your to throw pitches down the middle. Why force people to play with that feature if they don't want to in Online play??? It makes no sense at all to allow it in franchise mode and not in online play....STUPID STUPID STUPID...Why make the people who were the games biggest fans and best players frustrated because our 96 stamina pitchers get almost tanked by the 6th inning. And if there's a lag in your game u could forget hitting. If u love franchise mode or playing at home with friends this game might be cool for you. Personally Franchise mode has been wack forever...the longer you play the worst the league becomes and the less competition there is. In my opinion this game's fun was online and now pitching is a mockery. Bought 2 days ago and will be trading it in.

id give it 7.5 too just for the dumb idea of pulse pitching