Simply put, I think the pitches are too hard to see

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I don't wear glasses or contacts because I don't need them. I have perfect vision. I hit just fine on the PS3 version(BA .280). I just think the screen is sadly too small for this kind of game. The ball is hard to see, esp on the overcast day games. The ball on the game seems to only travel at something like 15 FPS which makes it difficult to tell when the ball breaks. Does anyone else feel me?

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I've had trouble seeing the ball in day games due to contrast (talking about '09 on PS3, as I only have '12 on Vita). You can try adjusting the sliders to increase pitch visibility. That could help. Maybe see if there are any visual settings like brightness / contrast / gamma etc. I haven't had visibility problems with the Vita version so I don't know if these options exist. Good luck!