A great warm-up to get you ready for baseball season.

User Rating: 9.3 | MLB 07: The Show PS2
Now, personally, I hear my friends, random folks, whoever it may be, say that this game isn't that great because it's essentially the same game as last year. My question to that is:


The Show was an amazing game last year, and the amazing game of baseball carried over to this year and gave us David Wright on the cover, and the same awesome game of baseball, as I said, plus Road to the Show feature, which is basically a fancier career mode.

It's enough of a change to make it one of the best games of baseball I've ever played in my life. I have both new baseball games, and when I want to play a really nice career mode, I play this one. When I want to play a franchise kind of mode, I play 2K7, simply because it's for the 360. The franchise mode is a lot deeper on The Show, but it's a little too in depth for my tastes. It certainly doesn't take away from The Show though, if anything that should add to it.

I've rambled on for too long, and if you're still reading then please stop and go buy The Show if you're looking for an amazing game of baseball to hold you over until spring training is done and we can get into the real baseball season.