Better than 06? Read to find out.

User Rating: 7.9 | MLB 07: The Show PSP
Here's my review of mlb07 the show.

I picked up 06 like 3 months ago and played around with it for a while then bam this hit the shelves and i ran out right away and grabbed it.

Now this is the best baseball game out for the psp right now let me make that clear. But it does have its flaws. 06 never chugged or dropped framerate issues but 07 seems to have some here and there I mean it doesnt hurt the game but come on the game had no problems last year why the issue this time. The character models have been cleaned up and look alot nicer than 06 but the stadiums still have a grainy and plain look to them. I dont know it just seems like the graphics could have been uped a little more and the crowd forget it im not even getting into that..... And still weres the ump?

The announcers are the same and say the same thing as last year so no complaints there.

Now for the new features... The road to the show is the all new feature sort of like a superstar mode and it is pretty awesome. you play as yourself or some other nameless rookie you make up drop him in a position and then your off to spring training for any team you desire. But they still have classic career mode to from 2006 and king of the diamond is still there and also the home run derby of course.

The catcher now makes the calls and you pitch to the desired location that the catcher is calling.. This is pretty cool.

The music is great and the new menu interface is awesome. The multiplayer i have a tough time with it always lagging on me and dissconnecting so this part of the game is kinda dissapointing.

So all in all a slightly cleaned up version of 06 with updated rosters and a little framerate issue but it doesnt hurt it to bad and if your a baseball buff your going to get it anyways just to stay up to date like i did and thats not a bad thing because its worth it. It just takes a little time to take in all the new menus and learn the new controls.

Oh i missed one really cool thing when online you can get actual scores from every baseball game going on that day and or night live right over your psp and even know whos on first and all that good stuff which is pretty awesome.

Well thats it hope this was kinda helpful.