Great game Great Road to the Show mode will keep you playing for hours

User Rating: 9 | MLB 07: The Show PSP
I have owned every MLB game for the PSP ( MLB, MLB 06 the show, MLB 07 the show) and one after another they just keep getting better. There were a few things i did not like in 2007 however. like the way you train in road to the show mode.. you cant really notice that your skill is going up and the fact that some of your skills can decrease really pisses me off. And the other thing i do not like is the multiplayer i played one game and it was so freaking laggy i never played multiplayer again. The road to the show part of the game is amazing and the way you start out at AA ball and work your way up to the MLB roster is most exciting. This came will keep me playing untill 08 comes out and i really cant wait!