A good allround performer in the Baseball genre of game and certainly great that it is portable.

User Rating: 8 | MLB 06: The Show PSP
I have been a huge fan of baeball games since Hardball 2 and I have collected all sorts since. It is difficult to get Baseball games in Australia with an unmodded console and now with the PSP and Playstation 3 and there not being any region on games, I was now in heaven when he came ot baseball games. The first one in the new era was MLB 06: The Show.

This is my first look at the MLB franchise and it looks like it picked up where the All Star Baseball games left off, and played in a very similar manner.

The game has a slew of features which is impressive for the PSP. All of the main console parts where here, including a very good Career mode. Create a player, enter the minors and work your way through the league in the hopes to become that all time great player. Now you can train your player earning points based on how well your perform in games. max your stats out, it can take a while. But it is good to see your player hit one over the wall when the game is tight.

All other game play options are as good as I have seen them. King of the Diamond is an arcade style of game pitting you against the pitcher and a time frame to get as many points. But then it will reverse it and pit and pictcher against the computer hitter or player.

Graphics are good. For the PSP I would have say they are great. There is an amzing amount of detail in the screen. There is the occasionally graphical glitch with some screen tearing but it doesn't happen often. Frame Rate does drop a little when you have the bases loaded. Which is a little annoying if it is a close game.

Sounds is good and with a three team play by play commentary which is a great sound, and there is a large number of unique calls for the game in a varying array of situations. But there are some calls that can get repetitive over time and if you do play the career option.

Overall the game is a good portable version of baseball, it has most of the options and playability of the big brothers but certainly doesn't look as real but I am not expecting that for a baseball sim on the PSP. But for a trip on the train or plane, this is a great baseball sim, one of the best I have played.