Baseball At Its Finest

User Rating: 9 | MLB 06: The Show PS2
After playing MLB 10 The Show, I decided to check out MLB 06 The Show and it's just as great. MLB 06 is a solid, smooth representation of America's national pasttime, complete with sharp graphics, tons of content (season, franchise, road to the show, etc.) that will keep you busy for quite some time, far less bugs compared to the 2K sports baseball games (some very minor bugs exist here, but thankfully not enough to ruin the gameplay in any way, shape, or form) engaging commentary, and overall, just terrific gameplay. The tutorials make the game easily accessable and saves you from all the trouble of having to keep backtracking to the instruction manual to look up the controls on how to steal, for example. The pitching meter may need some time to get used to, especially if you're playing with the pitching style on meter because you'll have to set and release the pitching meter at the right time, or else you'll throw the ball away and you'll be drawing countless walks. Also, the pitch breaks may be a bit random at times, such as if you aim a pitch high in the strike zone, and the pitch ends up up and outside of the strike zone, if not further outwards, depending on what pitch you're throwing. Overall, MLB 06 The Show is a must-have for baseball fans and video game fans and its mass loads of content will keep you coming back for more.