What a GREAT GAME........OH wait, no, not a great or even good game.

User Rating: 4.1 | MLB 06: The Show PS2
This has to be one of the best worst baseball games of all time. The depth of the game is very appealing and some ascpects of the game are very well done. BUT the worst part of the game is the many annoying glitches that almost make me pull my hair out when the happen. Like:(this is the con list)
1. I absolutley hate seeing a big league player not catch the ball when throwing it around the horn. 2. The magical ability some of the hitters posses is uncanny, espescaially when the strike out and drop the bat and it just floats in mid-air.
3. ON numerous occasions I have caught a foul ball and good ol' Matt Vasgersian even says "what a nice catch" but yet the same batter is up with the exact same count as he had when I caught the foul ball.
4. THe inablility for the players to recognize the situation, as in when there is a grounder hit to the outfield and your fielder just trots up to it and lobs it in, all the while a runner is scrambling for home.
5. And my favorite of all, someitimes when the CPU misses a grounder in the infield, they just stand there like they dont know whats going on and other fielders run towards each other, but never picking up the ball and you can just run all the way around the bases and they dont pick up the ball. 6. And lastly, on numerous occasion at lest twice a game, the ball seems to pass right through my fielders as if they werent even there.
That was jus the glitches that seem to occur about 3-4 times a game, so when your playing on the higher levels, and its a tight game, its just great when they get a lead off triple because your player is in a daze and doesnt make an attempt to make the play. My biggest problem with the game is hitting and its unpredictablity, for example you lock on an inside 4-seamer and hit a slow roller to second base, but you can pull outsie sliders to left field. with ease.

With all these problems, there is a couple bright spots though. The pitching interface and reality of the pitching is the best i have seen in a game probably ever. The depth of the franchise is also very nice although I would like to see single A teams also, the scouting, and business managment are One-of-a kind. The inovation of Career Mode is also a very nice addition to a baseball game which lets you play as only one person and improve their career. Although it is a little hard to make the hall-of fame without playing evey game and winning the world series multiple times.

All in all this game is ok at best, I would like to see them remove the King of the Diamond mode and add a few mores things, and fix all of the **** that should have been cought before releasing the game. Luckily though the competition for MLB baseball games is horrible. The Show creators are lucky EA no longer makes MLB games or elses we probabably wouldnt have to write this review. For the diehard baseabll fan looking for all out realism, this isnt the game for you, and i dont know of a new one that is, I would go with MVP 2005 for that.