This is a really good baseball game. It is a must-have for baseball fans!

User Rating: 9 | MLB 06: The Show PSP
This game is great for the PSP! Once you get the controls down and the way of the game, you won't be able to put it down. Singleplayer: There are tons of singleplayer modes to chose from including quick play (just play a regular ball game), exhibition (a ball game where you can customize it with options, stadiums, lineup, starting pitcher, etc.), season (where you choose an MLB team and play a season with them and you are also the manager so you can make trades and stuff), Career (customize a player with stuff like a name, facial features, body type, position, and then add points to areas like batting power, speed, etc. Then you pick an MLB team and try to make the team with good spring training), home run derby, and king of the diamond (its a pitcher and a batter vs. another pitcher and batter). When doing quick play & exhibition, you can make it so its AI bots vs. more AI bots and watch game without playing. Oh and there is one bad thing about this game, which is why I didn't score this higher: the load times are terrible.

Multiplayer - there is ad-hoc & infrastructure (online) multiplayer for 2 players. Online: In online mode there are many different game rooms for the four different difficulties of the game In each game room, you can chat with other people and challenge them to an exhibition or king of the diamond game. The only bad thing about online play is that there is tons of lag. Before you start playing you need to make a profile with a name and quote and stuff. You can add buddies to your buddy list and chat with them at any time. There are leaderboards and MLB news also. Ad-hoc: ad-hoc is just challenging another person next to you to an exhibition or king of the diamond game. Overall this game is awesome. It uses all of the PSP's capabilities is a must-have for the PSP.