Sweet freakin game!

User Rating: 9.9 | MLB 06: The Show PS2
This game is awesome!There are mini-games, profile to unlock stuff and goals to get points to unlock stuff(you can unlock legends, cheats, stadiums, etc.)Anyway I will explain it all below.

King of the diamond:Mini-game where you choose batter and pitcher and vs another 2 guys and play for points, there are markers on the ground and if the ball lands on them it will tell you what you got.

Rivalry:I havent played this yet but what I know is you create your own team and face another is what I think.

Career:This is what I play the most, you start creating your guy, batter or pitcher.Then choose a team to start spring training and then after that you'll be in the minors and try to work your way up.After playing a game you get training hours to get your attributes up.You can go to player management and look at, lineups, defense pos., Pitcher rotation, disabled list and more.In around the league, you can look at hall of fame, scouting report, league leaders, awards, all star voting and much more.You can go into career home and check stuff about you.This is my favorite game mode.Oh and while playing you can go to fast forward and go to my next appearence.

Season:Choose a team and play a season, I almost never play this mode.

Franchise:You do everything here, pick a team, manage it, improve the stadium, team, everything.You can even see what the fans and team think of the team and you.

Gameplay:Awesome!Create player, you can do almost anything.I like the camera shots when you hit a home run and strike someone out.It has the best baseball action ever!In game can be hard becuase you have to use your brain for both batting and pitching so it may take a little bit for the learning curve.But if you played baseball before you'll be allright.

Graphics:Excellent.They almost look real, only bad thing is when you hit a homerun when the ball bounces beyond the fence doesnt really look a whole lot realistic.Or else its great!

Sound:The commentary is good and the crowd chants are cool my only rant is the sound track.The sound track has a lot of bands that a lot of people have never heard of and theres not a whole lot a tracks but after a while you'll get used to them and there is a couple songs I like.

Value:For $30 its excellent for it will be keeping you playing for a long time!

Conclusion:This is probably a tie with last years in my opinion which is pretty awesome!Im a huge fan and I will play this game for years to come!