One of the best baseball games in a long long time!!

User Rating: 9 | MLB 06: The Show PS2
In recent memory there hasn't been a sports game that really revolutionized something. And though this game isn't that revolutionary; they do a lot of things right and create a great overall experience for any baseball fan. This game is simple but yet complex, let me explain; the franchise and online mode are pretty standard. You pick your favorite team and go through countless years of playing the season and dealing with drama queen athletes and recruiting rookies; it's all pretty standard and its been done a billion times before. The superstar mode is what really makes the game so amazing. Why?? This mode has been done before what makes it so great and revolutionary is the RPG elements that the players must go through. These elements are so indepth and crazy that evey single position has its own set of achievements. Pitchers can develop their ability to eliminate giving up Hits or how to become a strikeout pitcher. Each position has their abilities and the crazy part comes in how your age and attitude take a part in your overall ability. For example, if your character is 40 years old he will continuously battle with you to keep his abilities high. The only problem with this mode is that the teams attitude towards your character doesn't change. After you create the character and choose your position you will be treated the same way then as you would if your a 4-time CY Young winner with 10 rings; which makes no sense. If a all-star starts **** in real life people will make a big deal about it. This games attitude towards you stays the same throughout the entire span of the superstar mode; regardless of age or status. Other than this problem, this mode is by far the greatest thing to happen to baseball since Pete Rose. The online portion of the game though nicely done with up to the minute stats about your favorite team with constant updates and leagues. Unfortunately, as of this review the severs for 06 have been shut down for the new 07 game. Now in my opinion 06 is still a better game because it's basically 06 with minor tweaks. I still play 06 and after play 07 I'm glad that I didn't waste my money on a **** expansion pack... In the end, sports game are extremely hard to review in my opinion because whether or not the user will enjoy this game isn't really based on the game as much as the users opinion towards that sport. Most people that hate baseball won't buy a simulation baseball game. They might buy something like Superstar Mario Baseball but not a real simulation baseball game like MLB 06 the show. For what it's worth, I think this game is totally awesome and I would recommend all baseball fans to give it a try even though 07 is out.