Like it's console counterpart, the PSP version delivers a game of baseball more worthy than any other title out there

User Rating: 8.7 | MLB 06: The Show PSP
I am a serious fan of baseball and this here is a GREAT game. I enjoy good baseball title on any console and I think since the departure of MVP baseball the titles have been less than par on all fronts; until this one. The commentry is lifelike and rarely repetative. The graphics and animations are smooth and realistic. I have enjoyed the PSP version much more than MVP baseball in the time I have played it. The Career mode is identical to the PS2 version which is a good thing. They did however leave out the franchise mode which I believe is another good idea. Too many games today try to pack too much into their games taking away from the simple feel of baseball. I believe one serious issue with the game is the the loading times which seem to take an eternity. Otherwise, MLB 06: The Show packs just about all the right stuff into the PSP version.