Best sport game out so far for the psp. READ THE REVIEW PLEASE!

User Rating: 9 | MLB 06: The Show PSP
MLB '06: The Show is an all around game. It has good Gameplay, Graphics, Sound, and Value. The gameplay is great, especially the carrier mode. Creating your characters is fun, and a little hard. Some games when you create characters, you can make them amazing, and then the game is to easy, but here you are limited, and you cant just make him have power, and contact, and no speed, there is a limit there to. The graphics are very impressive, when you play at the pirate stadium you can see the amusement park in the back round, and you can even here to people screaming, and if your bored and feel like timing it the roller coaster comes every 30 seconds. The sound is pretty good, and is also fun music when you can pick your own. In carrier mode it goes for like 50 years, and that’s pretty long, and that’s a lot of playing. In my opinion this game is definitely worth $40 especially when it will take at least 30 hors just for the carrier mode, not including the season, and homerun derby mode. If you like base ball games, or sports game, or even just have $40 extra, then you should definitely get this game. Who ever reed’s this please leave feedback, and check out some of my other reviews, I mainly review pc, psp, ds games.